~my LovE TomaPi~

i love tomaPi very much

i'm very shocked when i hear my boyfriend will break up our bound,,,, i'm so sad right now,, nande atashi??? now, i think i can't find my happiness in my love life. but i'm still glad cause i have toma. i can smile if i think of him. but,,, why he suddenly broke it??

i want crying,,but i can't. i don't want see my friend and all people around me sad. i'm very dear all. especially toma. yeah...


i'm bored,,


anyway,, i'm not looking for MAOU cause i don't have internet conection T_T. but i'm wait it. i hope i can see it. by the way, rate for maou just 14%. but i don't care for rating,, i hope everyone will be enjoy watching it.....

please keep looking forward for MAOU and CODE BLUE. make this rating higher.. see ya..
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ganbareee dear, people will always have their ups and down
someday you will get a better person for sure
2008/07/14(月) 12:39:13 | URL | yamapink #-[ Edit ]
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