~my LovE TomaPi~

i love tomaPi very much

haaaaiiii ... minna wa genki???? its really long time i'm not update my blogs.. hahahahhha.. really busy ne.. so may be i just post a little word for saying that i will hiatus for a month.. oh no...i miss toma.. i don't know toma still busy for grease or not.. but just read tomagoto ,, i can't.. huhuuhhu

today, i feel really envy cause i can saw news pasific concert.. hhhahahahhaha... i can see tegoshi again, saw their dancing and performing.. huaaa.. i miss toma. i always imagine that if toma can debut like other.. see his perform on stage, singing, dancing like other johnny's who was debut.. but i'm sure that toma have a way for make he success.. but i'm still want to see toma debut. you know what?? i really jelous when i see arashi or news perform.. why my toma can't stand at stage and start dancing together?? huaaaa.... Pi and ryo-chan get closed now.. and i relly feel jeolous... why johnny??? toma have a talent for debut..huhuuhuhuhuhuhu..

ganbatte ne toma-chan.... i always beside you to make you more and more success.. i'll never leave you no matter what... you still my idol .. the one and only..ikuta toma. i know you really popular now. but please don't u ever change.. cause i like u now.. i like your past and future... keep smile, keep honestly.. i like you.i always ready to run with you,cry with you and make all around the world know that you are IKUTA TOMA... THE GREAT ACTOR..^^^


a long entry ne..hehehehhehe..

ganbatte atashi...^^
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