~my LovE TomaPi~

i love tomaPi very much

huaaaaaaaaaa... hisashiburi da ne minna,,,, its really long time i'm not update this blog, im focus to my blogspot blog ne...hehehhehe... waaw.. minna genki ka?? finally, after long time i have abandon toma, now im back to toma... huhuhuh.. i realized that i can't leave toma for a while.. uhuhuhuhuhu.. *tears*

toma new drama MAJO SAIBAN or WICH TRIAL .. that's have filming, n will be air at april, 25.. suspense drama again!! n lot of people said that this drama little echi.. 0.0 tomaaaa.. don't kissu anywhere.. gyahahaha.. i can't imagine toma will kiss with higa manami T_T..

anyway... one good news else... TOMA WILL BE GUEST TALK IN SCP.. mukyaaaaaaaaaa..... that is my dream .... when i saw Pi n tegonyan to be guest talk in SCP, i imagine that toma will be guest too... and now, THAT COME TRUEEEEEEEEEE... nooooooo... but i don't like his curly hair.. and anyone have see KOI NO ABO pv?? its really crazy ne.. what's going on about news tachi??? n elvis style?? huaahahah.. i can't stop to laughing when i saw that pv.. I HATE PI WITH BLOND HAIR..

yeeeay.. finally, i m really busy for final exam ne~~ saa.. wish me luck for graduate in my high school..

ja nee~~